The best thing about sex? When my client comes of course!

The thrill of the orgasm

The thing I love most about sex may surprise you. I mean I'm an escort, and you would have thought by now I'd be "used to" the experience - no thrills. But you'd be wrong.

I love it when my client comes. It is something I will always get a big thrill out of. Watching his face concentrate hard; hearing his breathing change. It is so sexy, so animalistic, so basic in that moment. They can be young, old, a high-flying lawyer, or a shy down-to-earth accountant. Doesn’t matter. In that moment, everything else about them disappears. They’re just a man coming.

It’s also the illicit thrills -the psychological, brain thing. My clients probably love this the most. The feeling, the fantasy turned reality - that they are really doing this naughty thing to me; a sexy young Japanese escort in London. It's a big, big thrill for most men.

Plus I love how sex takes their mind off the s*** that’s going on in their life. It’s the best distraction from the pressures or work, relationships, the career, the kids, the wife.... etc.

I tell my clients "hey if you want a comfort-f***, then you're absolutely in the right place. When we’re in bed, it’s me and him and I know he is not thinking about crappy work or crappy debts or crappy people. I recommend this form of diversion-therapy!

Having sex with an escort is probably the best feeling their is. It’s about how the whole encounter makes you feel. ‘They love to orgasm, and I love to feel and watch them orgasm. But feeling naughty because they shouldn’t be doing this is a huge turn-on.

You should try it! Book me, please!

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